While we hope this website is helpful to you, we realize the best it can do is give you a glimpse of our fellowship at Pleasant Grove. Our mission at Pleasant Grove is to reach our neighbors with God’s love, through service, study, prayer, presence, and witness.

What’s in store for you at Pleasant Grove? Well, it isn’t snappy praise bands or state of the art media presentations. It’s not a calendar filled with lots of glitzy ministries for every age group or life situation.

What you find here is people. Real people. People who have lived through sorrow and hardship, yet by faith in Christ have returned to strength and fellowship and, yes, even joy.

What you get here is what the world says no longer works: Old-school scriptural beliefs in an old style package.  This is place of worship and caring, not judgment. We’re about old-fashioned compassion!

It’s people that matter here. Come see for yourself!

Pleasant Grove Methodist Church of Thomasville welcomes you to the joy of our fellowship. We believe you will find a friendly congregation in which you can worship and serve with meaning. We extend to you a cordial invitation to worship with us, find your place of service and let this church be your spiritual home. Please join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am for Sunday School and Worship Service at 10:30am.

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Pleasant Grove UMC

Pleasant Grove Methodist Church